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School Ethos

We recognise that all children are unique individuals with specific talents and needs. We want children to be excited about coming to school and to love learning. We want them to be motivated, tuned in and challenged. Most of all, we want children to know that success is in each and every one of them and comes as a result of their own effort. We want to give them the belief that they can improve and learn, and to be delighted and proud of their many achievements. The staff are committed to delivering the highest standards of teaching and learning whilst maintaining a strong pastoral ethos. Children are valued as individuals and encouraged to participate in a range of activities enabling them to develop skills and attitudes, which help to equip them for life.

We offer our children a varied and engaging curriculum that is provided by a dedicated team of enthusiastic and hard-working teachers and support staff. You’ll find our classrooms are hives of activity, full of learning and enquiry. The happiness and success of every child is central to our school’s work. Promoting high levels of achievement in all aspects of a child’s development is important to us, and is reflected in all we do.

We continuously work hard to develop what we do, and aspire to being a learning community that educates and nurtures young minds. We want our children to think independently, be resourceful, solve problems, and communicate well. A successful school relies on partnership and understanding with parents and the community that it serves. As a school, we place a high value on establishing close links between home and school so that we can effectively work together to achieve the best for each child. This website is intended to contribute to this partnership.