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Muddy Puddle Walk!

We went out for a walk today and had great fun running on the field, walking through the woods looking for bears and splashing in a big puddle. Luckily we had our muddy puddles on and welly boots so we could get n​ice and muddy!



This term in Nursery, we are learning all about 'People who Help us.' This week we have been learning  about Superheroes and what they do to help us. Someone naughty had frozen our toys in ice and we had to use our powers to try and melt it!

We have been practicing our fine motor scissor cutting skills by making our own Superheroes and cutting out 2D​ shapes.

Our role play area this term inside is a Doctors Surgery and the children have been really enjoying this. There have been lots of Doctors looking after all their patients, giving them injections, medicine and bandaging their broken arms! Outside we have a garage where the children can fix their bikes, buy some petrol and put their vehicles through a car wash! We have observed some lovely conversations through role play and the children have really enjoyed getting involved in this. 

During the term we will be learning more about Firefighters, Police Officers, Vets, Nurses, Doctors and those who help us at school. We are very lucky that on Friday we have a librarian visiting us to read a story and tell us all about what they do.

New additions to the Nursery!

Get ready to give a big 'Beaver Green' welcome to two cute and cuddly additions to the Nursery!  'Dora' and 'Peppa' are our new guinea-pigs.  The children thought carefully about their names before choosing the ones they liked best.  We have noticed that Dora and Peppa like cuddles and carrots and we've really enjoyed learning about how to care for our new pets.



Learning to Cook

We made apple crumble using the apples from our own apple tree. We chopped the apples and the butter and then made the crumble topping.

It was delicious!