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Year R 2018 - 2019

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Term 5


Year R Bug Roadshow!

This week we have been learning about mini beasts and had the opportunity to meet some real life mini beasts! Some of the children were even brave enough to hold some of them. In groups, we learned a lot about each mini beast, how they live, eat  and grow. Some of them were friendly so we were able to hold them, however, some insects like to protect themselves so we had to be careful! The moths were so gentle and calm we were able to put them on our noses!


We have frogspawn!

This week Year R have enjoyed looking after the new additions to our class.  We have frogspawn! The children have enjoyed watching and learning about the different changes which have been happening!  So far we have seen the eggs hatch into tadpoles and now they are growing front and back legs.  We can't wait to see what is going to happen next!



Term 3


This term in Year R we have been learning about Superheroes!

We started the term off with a disaster!  Somebody ‘broke’ into our classrooms, we then had to investigate to find out who has been in.  There was water, fire, our tables had been turned upside down and then there was even a spidersweb!  The children enjoyed exploring and coming up with ideas as to what had happened.

The children have been working hard in all areas this term and we are really proud of the progress they have made.

We have been working hard to use the sounds we know to write sentences, remembering our capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

We have also been practising using a numberline to jump forwards and backwards to answer number sentences, as well as using other resources in our classroom!

The children have loved pretending to be superheroes this term, especially on our superhero dress up day - we even had a visit from Banana man!

We have been lucky enough to have visitors this term.  Mrs Quinn, a police officer, a nurse and the dogs trust have come in to see us to talk about their jobs and how they help people.

We have had quite a few wet days this term, but this hasn’t stopped us going outside.  The children have loved putting on our wet weather gear and going outside to jump in the big muddy puddles.

We look forward to lots more exciting learning next term!