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Year 2

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Term 2 curriculum letter

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Year 2

YEAR 2 - 18.06.19

This week we have enjoyed a visit from Creepy Claws to help us with our learning about creatures that wriggle and crawl! We had lots of different creatures visit us and we got to touch and hold many of them.


We all had lots of fun meeting these creatures and we found out some really amazing facts.




This week we have been on a mini-beast hunt around the school grounds. We had a great time identifying different mini-beasts and were surprised at how many we found

At the end of the week, Mr Britnell very kindly visited our classrooms to show us some crickets and stick insects and tell us all about them. It was very interesting and we found out lots of interesting facts.







This week we have enjoyed planting some beautiful flowers outside our classroom. We will be taking turns to water the plants and care for them. We hope you enjoy looking at them. Maybe they will attract some butterflies and some bumblebees in time for our new topic next term which is ‘Wriggle and Crawl!’





This week we have been having fun creating our own rock pools during our art lesson. First, we talked about what we might find in a rock pool. We found out that starfish, crabs and sea snails are able to live in rock pools.

 We used crayons to draw our rock pools and then we used a paint wash to create the water. We think they look fantastic!




This term our topic is Beachcombers and we are all looking forward
to finding out lots of interesting facts about the seaside. The
children have already created some great seaside pictures and
discussed what they already know and what they would like to find
out about the seaside.

It would really help the children’s learning if at home you could
encourage your child to find out more about our fabulous
‘Beachcombers’ topic. This might include facts about sea creatures,
beach safety and local coastal areas. If you do any research at
home, please be sure to ask your child to bring in their work to share
with the year group.





Year 2 were extremely proud of their display that was a focal point
of the local library. We hope lots of you were able to visit and see
the wonderful work that the children had done.



Term 3 News

Muck, Mess and Mixtures!



We have had a great start to our new topic ‘Muck, Mess and Mixtures’.

We had a fun afternoon where we investigated the properties of different mixtures such as jelly and play dough. We discovered what these mixtures are made from and what they feel like.




In Science, we have been testing different types of soap to see which makes the best bubbles. We conducted a fair test by using the same amount of soap each time and mixing the bubbles for the same length of time. We had lots of fun creating bubbles.




In art, we have been creating ‘messy’ pictures. We used watercolour pencils to make these colourful patterns.



 We are very proud of our work so far and we think our pictures look fantastic!




Year 2

Term 2 News

We have been very busy this term being Street Detectives and we have participated in lots of fun activities.

Mrs Quinn the school lollipop lady came to visit us and told us all about her job and the local area, both past and present.






We really enjoyed Mrs Quinn visiting us. She helps us cross the road safely.


In Science, we have been testing lollipops to find out what happens when you add them to different liquids. Some amazing things happened! We love being scientists.




It changed before our eyes!