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Year 5


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Term 5


On behalf of Ms Marks

Yesterday we had a very kind offer of free Stick Insects from Mr T Randall, a member of the local community. 

This couldn't have come at a better time as Ms Marks (pictured) had just been looking at getting these for Science and life cycles.With the help of Reilly in 5MM (pictured) an enclosure has been set up and the Indian Stick Insects are settling into their new home.

Many thanks to Mr Randall for thinking of us. It's greatly appreciated and the children are loving this addition to our school.

On the 7th March, Year 5 spent a fantastic day in London at The British Museum looking at the Ancient Egyptian Galleries, which was linked to our Cornerstones topic: Pharaohs. We all spent the next two hours making our way around the galleries looking at the amazing array of artefacts.  We saw many sarcophagi, many of which still had the mummies inside! We learned that these had been x-rayed, using an MRI scanner. We then saw a real mummified person - Ginger! (as they are known). We learned that this mummy was over 5000 years old and had been preserved as he was under a large concrete stone and the heat from the sand had dried him out very quickly.  Many of us found it hard to believe that it was a real person and that it was over 5000 years old. This was a great opportunity to see real examples of what we had discussed and investigated in our lessons. The boys and girls were a real credit to themselves, and to the school. A great day out. Well done year 5 !